Just as impbrandwagon ebook cover designortant as great design is great content. What you present in your book or ebook must communicate effectively to your reader. A good plan is to decide who your reader will be. This will help in marketing your book effectively.

Splitting into logical sections or chapters is the usual way to create order within your book or ebook. Often photos, illustrations, diagrams and charts can enhance your ebook and make it much more stimulating to the reader. I can source images from photo libraries and produce graphics which will help your text jump off the page into your readers' imagination.

A good tip is to make sure you have a well-written manuscript which has been professionally proofread BEFORE the book/ebook is designed and formatted. I can give you a free assessment of your project which  saves lots of extra expense. For writing and editing I work with an  experienced copywriter who can help you with the words you’re looking for if your manuscript needs a little polishing – or will proofread the words you’ve already written to make sure you’re word perfect.

Lady Richmond's Fantasy cover designGhostwriting

Writing is not everyone's strong point, so consider getting someone experienced to write your ebook for you to ensure continuity and accessibility. If you supply a rough manuscript we can edit and re-write it yet still maintain the 'voice' and personal style of the writer if required.

Editing & Proofreading

It’s money well spent to have a professional look over your ebook. We'll make sure your book communicates effectively, enhancing your product and generally making it a 'good read'. Readers hate grammatical and spelling mistakes and if this is a business ebook, errors will seriously harm your brand. Conversely, if it communicates effectively, it will do wonders for your reputation. Even though you may think you or your partner can proofread, it's a professional job. So many people come back to me when they discover mistakes after publication.


Always include a copyright and/or disclaimer clause within your ebook. The content depends on your subject matter but are generally very similar. I can help you find something suitable to include if required.

Other Considerations

Do I include a contents page? Do I have chapters or headings? Do I include author details? The answer to these questions depends on your ebook and what you are going to use it for. The golden rule is to keep your potential reader happy by making your ebook as efficient and easy to navigate as possible.

Cover for SmileEbook or Printed Book?

If you're thinking of producing a book and thinking of print as well as in ebook format, bear in mind that the same files can be used for both with only a few changes. This can be very cost-effective and can not only increase potential readership, but also give you more credibility as a writer.

To achieve this though the book would have to be produced in CMYK at print resolution and then adapted and compressed for the ebook. This will cost more and take a bit longer to achieve but would be very cost-effective compared to adapting a low resolution ebook for print. The print book would also have a spine and blurb on the back. The spine width would depend on the number of pages and paper type. For KDP print-on-demand you can use the spine calculator here.

Other issues to consider:

Brandwagon formatted pages

My name is John Amy, I am a professional graphic designer based in the UK with over 25 years experience, and design Print books as well as Ebooks. Just email with an outline of your requirements for a no-obligation quote or call me on 020 8462 0969 or 07773 218 349. If you have any questions or problems about design and branding or how to go about getting a professional-looking ebook, please get in touch. If you are outside the UK, don't worry. My clients span the globe. The beauty of the digital world is that it has a global reach. My graphic design website: