Print on Demand, or POD as it is often referred to is a great way to self-publish.

Leap At The Moon Ebook Cover Design Some Disadvantages

Amazon's Createspace
Now Kindle Direct Publishing

There are several POD publishers but Amazon KDP has a distinct advantage as you can imagine. It lets you set up the whole process yourself if you've got the time and inclination, but even using a professional, the process is relatively inexpensive. you can also integrate it with your ebook version. Get in touch for a quotation.

If you have created your book interior, this calculator will tell you how thick your spine should be depending on paper type and number of pages. Note that books with less than 102 pages are not thick enough for a spine. KDP suggests 130 pages is safer. This can usually be easy to achieve with a largish font size, large margins and a few empty pages.

And for the cover, KDP now lets you choose your book size, enter the number of pages and you can download a template in various formats to work from/

KDP Spine Calculator

Number of Pages:

Type of Paper:

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